3D software designed for the Fashion Industry.

Core3D enables designers to design what they believe in and what merchandisers know will sell.

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Core3D is a web based product development platform that's powered by 3D technology. Our focus is on improving communication and collaboration so that teams can feel confident managing the push and pull of the development process.

A bridge to tomorrow

Whether you prefer to work with sketches or are already working in 3D, Core3D can accelerate both. Core3D can work within existing workflows or support your digital transformation.

Tomorrow’s benefits today

On the go collaboration

Core3D is a 100% web based solution that's accessible by any device connected to the internet with no need to download and install large programs or apps. Ideal for quick turnaround times and remote collaboration.

On the go.

Context is king

Keep all the relevant data, creative inspiration and forecasting information at your fingertips so everyone on the team can make quicker and confident decisions.

Fast and easy adoption.

Automate through data integrations

Move faster by integrating your own data to automatically create, update and manage entire collections or specific styles.

The tools to win


  1. 3D Blocks


    Collection builder

    Use Core3D's collection builder to manage the entire process from making style requests and managing SKU count to stay on top of an evolving collection.

  2. Editor


    3D Editor

    Visualize any style design within seconds with our web based 3D Editor that anyone, from interns to department heads, can get up and running with in under 5 minutes.

  3. Design Review


    Core3D asset library

    Choose from over 600 premade 3D blocks and digital fabrics, or upload your own via Core3D's integrations with existing 3D software.

  4. Rails


    Merchandising tools

    Slice and dice assortments to identify gaps and respond to opportunities faster than ever before.


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