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Core Concepts

This guide will outline core concepts of the Core3D SDK.

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A 3D model on which to build or display a Design. This entity allows you to access meshes, zones, and other properties of the underlying 3D model programmatically.


An object representing the combination of a Model and lists of Resource and Modifier entities. A Design is not tied to the the specific Model entity, meaning the Model can be swapped and the Design can be reprojected.


A Resource represents a Material, Graphic, Pattern, etc. that can be applied to a Design.

There are two general types of resources:

  • Assignable — represents something you'd apply directly to a mesh, which include materials, patterns, and graphics.
  • Attachable — resource represents something applied to the Model as a whole, which include: debugging utilities like the ZoneResource (for visualizing zones), additional mesh components, etc.

And a handful of specific Resource types:

  • GraphicResource — an image with a single motif e.g. a logo on the sleeve of a tee shirt
  • PatternResource — an image repeated across the entire target (mesh) AKA all-over prints
  • MaterialResource — a repeated texture representing some base surface e.g. cotton, plastic, leather, etc.
  • ZoneResource — used to visualize a “printable area” defined on a model

A Resource can be reused across several components of a Design, or multiple Designs, for example:

const graphic = await core3d.loadGraphic('core3d:upload:...');

const design1 = core3d.createDesign();

design1.apply(graphic, design1.listMeshes()[0]);
design1.apply(graphic, design1.listMeshes()[1]);

const design2 = core3d.createDesign();

design2.apply(graphic, design2.listMeshes()[0]);


An object that describes how a Resource is applied to a Design i.e. an entity representing a Resource/Design link.

There are two general types of Modifiers:

  • Assignment — represents the application of an Assignable resource.
  • Attachment — represents the application of an Attachable resource.

And specific Modifier types for every Resource type:

  • GraphicAssignment from GraphicResource
  • MaterialAssignment from MaterialResource
  • PatternAssignment from PatternResource
  • ZoneAttachment from ZoneResource
  • ... and so on

Any time a Resource is applied to a Design, a Modifier is returned, for example:

const design = core3d.createDesign();
const graphic = await core3d.loadGraphic('core3d:upload:...');
const graphicAssignment = design.apply(graphic, design.listMeshes()[0]);

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