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This guide will walk you through how to install SDK packages in your project.

Note: You'll need an API token to install SDK packages. See the Authentication section of the API Reference.

Table of Contents

Step 1 — Configure Package Access

Core3D provides SDK packages via a private NPM registry. To configure installation you can create a configuration file in your project root (next to package.json). You'll need a Core3D API token to install the packages, see the Authentication section of the API Reference for more information. Replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the examples below with your API token.

Note: Avoid committing this file to your version control if it includes your API token in plain text. If you must commit this file, please reference NPM/Yarn/etc. documentation for options to keep your API token secure (e.g. environment variables).


Create an .npmrc file in your project root.



Create a .yarnrc.yml file in your project root.

        npmAlwaysAuth: true
        npmRegistryServer: "https://npm.core3d.io/"

Step 2 — Install Packages

To install, run the following in your terminal:


$ npm install --save-dev @core3d/sdk @core3d/sdk-adapter-three three


$ yarn add --dev @core3d/sdk @core3d/sdk-adapter-three three@0.162.0

Note: three is defined as a peerDependency and must be explicitly installed alongside its Core3D adapter.

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